fresh fruit for rotting vegetables


my new t-shirt/hoodie blog


pronouncing "os x"


how to dress emo

group buddies by location
great idea for nomads

overheard in the office
launching january 12th

mash up podcasts
i told you it was a good idea

ricky gervais joins simpsons writing staff

wired profile on bittorrent/bram cohen [via]


space invaders kicks
no size 13?!

mash up "fad" not likely to end soon [via]


google looking at flickr/fotoki?
please keep your hands off flickr

like kinja, except less crappy


los angeles fry's ad, the feed


william gibson, "cyber claus"


the kleptones - bo
one more queen track from the kleptones


lego church [thanks dan!]
frighteningly detailed but beautifully done

dj bc presents "the beastles" [via]


waxy for wired news editor-in-chief

overheard in new york


flickr implements popular images page

the edge of orkut
the friends list limit is 1024

trillian 3 supports rendezvous messaging [via]
and it's interoperable with ichat av


microsoft attempts to shut down macslash


the beef about los angeles
extensive list of good l.a. burger joints

css zen ocean [via]
load in safari/firefox and scroll for effect


mousemaps [via]
disneyland history via it's maps

tinyp2p [via]
p2p in 15 lines of python


favatars [via]

speak softly and carry a big stick [via]
asianmack's great free mp3 comp


koo-ki sushi
it's like sushi, only candy

itunes now accepts paypal
hey, that's handy [screenshot]


fight club manuscript for sale
part of the portland mercury xmas auction

camino extraprefs

pixiesdiscs weblog

apple breaks ties with netscape is no more


tunneling bittorrent over tor a problem for nodes [via]

100 oldest dot-com domains
don't miss the complete list

i want an "i want to promote your website"

amabuddy [via]
compare book in meatspace vs. amazon's prices

i grabbed your boobs on sunset
best of craigslist, i love you

web design 2005 [via]
wicked worn look "next big thing"

flickr tag: ichatstatus

customize your ipod's graphics
i'm too scared to do this to mine

society for handheld hushing [pdf]


flickr flashlight challenge

disney vs. the counterculture [via]


mtv invented the term "mash up"?! [via]

pdf booklets for itms petition
i'd buy more music if i got liner notes

how to survive a zombie epidemic [via]
sorry for using the zed word


ken jennings favorite films 1921-2003
how obsessive compulsive

care dog meets pee bear
a subgenius classic

mashing for beginners [via]

5 mistakes band/label sites make
agreed fuck yeah!

wipod [via]
ipod based listings of open access points

google blocks new groups with "blogger" in name/address


flickr adds "date taken" to photos
they're using exif data to do it

chongqed [via]
interesting way of fucking with wiki/blog spammers

flickr :: cmd+shift+3
mac screenshot group

p.i.l. on american bandstand
johnny rotten refused to lip sync; predates ashleegate by at least 15 years

engadget interview with caterina fake
she loves the decay tag... w00t!

2600 gets rss/podcasting
this would have been cool when i still cared about "the underground"

cell phone + ad hoc wifi = mo-fi [via]

pixies discs [via]
cds from the last 12 shows of 2004


pepsi spice project
better him than i

eweek explains woz's "wheels of zeus"
and it makes perfect sense

neighborhoodies :: la store
and it's spitting distance from amoeba

smash up derby
the world's only mash up rock band

bootmixed [via]
poppy but fun mash-up ubermix

fish highway
like a habitrail, but for fish

the ken jennings fiasco
it may knock j.ko off the web


msn spaces launches
it's like xanga's illegitimate offspring

the cool hunting gift guide
but is it worth $8?

ipod u2/negativland edition
proceeds benefit downhill battle

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