fresh fruit for rotting vegetables


rejecting the rejection letter

hassel the hoax
i really wanted this to be true

the andy kaufman effect


a tape deck for your pc [via]


we're all banksy

will apple open up software update to 3rd party apps?

killer collection of mp3 blogs [via]

tivo users watch more commercials

initial customers to fund "textdrive"
textpattern's hosted service shrugs off vc, offers lifetime service for $200


creative commons licenses 2.0 [via]

sbemail :: theme park
stick around for the jungle boat parody

low carb diets cut into krispy kreme expansion plans

durden for america
i am jack's wasted vote


apple lisa repair guide [pdf]
skroo just got a lisa 2/10


megadriver :: metal video game covers [via]
from brazil!


the onion on electronic voting [via]

space and culture
thanks puck!


hacking segway keys

checking off visited links with css

eweek's in depth interview with ev

snopes on the return of andy kaufman

space invaders vans

hasselhoff going gangsta?
rap has jumped the shark

panic's cabel reviews the final fantasy concert


design eye for the usability guy

for beta or worse

my ibook's wallpaper stash
most are 1024x768, but some are larger


jbx :: high end jack in the box [via]
the pannido was only the beginning

the joy luck fight club [via]

gmail bumps up to 1tb
seriously, 1 terabyte

engadget's coverage of nyu's itp
neat little bits of tech

subethaedit 2.0
the new hotness


modular dwellings

fabprefab [via]

what happens in thailand, stays in thailand [rm]

balldroppings [via]
insanely addictive

the character cut from disney's fantasia


gta: san andreas
i'm buying the hype on this one


best. motorcycle. ever.

mezzoblue :: color schemes

andre vs. the blue line


chatting with random apple store customers

doc's $.02 on the google blog
all of his suggestions are great

panic's steven frank on mt3

bill gates' workstation

audioblogger goes free


adsense :: now with images! [via]
i knew it had to end sometime

google groups 2.0 beta [via]
and it's gmail friendly

los angeles dodgeball society [via]

you send it :: 1gb dropload imitator [via]

kinko's, rebranded
picked apart further at typographica

andre's ex's personal ad in esquire
dude, burn...

cnet on google blog censorship [via]

os x malware poses as office 2004 demo

mouse pad couch [via]
actually, it looks sort of comfy

freecache [via]

ev: live from sbc park
taking advantage of the free wifi


five missing digital photography hacks

cheat commandos
totally awesome gi joe parody

complete ghostbuster costume [via]
this is a cosplay geek's wet dream

backing up in the era of the gigabyte

miniature guide horses [via]
i'm not a horse person, but they're adoreable

yet another audio blogging tool


the official google blog
a ha!

blogger :: what's with the redirects?

man vs. bear?
best. ask mefi thread. ever.

a list of blogger templates
with preview links!

zeldman weighs in on the blogger redesign

lapd wants to jam cell phones during high terror alerts
that won't go over well

how to :: field strip your powerbook


doug bowman on the blogger redesign

the great blogger relaunch
the new blogger is so beautiful... :: terminal information

slashdot finally gets to the megway
only 2.5 years behind the rest of the world


google indexing tinyurls


coke's "sodaphone"

images of japanese vending machines [via]

fred durst's journal on xanga [via]
that cuts it, blogging's not cool anymore

adsense not permitted in rss feeds

one to tango
the "offensive" imix apple rejected


infoporn :: gasoline price history [via]
one man's gas consumption from 1979 to present

what do you want from tiger?
interesting set of feature requests from mac fans for OS 10.4

itap/t9 collisions [via]


playboy :: the mansion
a playboy video game? about freaking time!

the cartoon guide to federal spectrum policy [pdf]

use your mac to record hdtv

breaking up via text messaging

another crack at user friendly feeds


andre handles angry dropload related mail

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