fresh fruit for rotting vegetables


devil duckie usb drive
i want this so badly

slax :: slackware live cd
is a google blog on the horizon?

"i would rtfm if there were a fm to fr"


"resturant mexican" stereotype pictorial

an interview with christian schwartz
the man behind neutraface

modify the itunes 4.5 link arrows [os x]

save the parasol! [via]

boog and the art of zen [thanks skroo!]

german band super smart releases ringtone album

itunes 4.5 auth scheme cracked
bollocks, that didn't take long

stattoo :: system info on your desktop [os x]
i dig this a lot more than konfabulator


"i can get google stock - date me" [via]


macmove :: mac switcher blog [via]
not to be confused with forwarding address: os x

bobst boy's blog
appears to be down currently

homeless nyu student scores dorm room
slept in library basement for 8 months


timberlake to play johnny rotten, hell freezes over

the ipod's paternity test

neat custom ibook design ideas [via]

gmail safari compatibility a top priority


reverse engineering the typekey protocol

kill bill references guide [via]

fireworks vs. illustrator

redesigning the 1040 [via]


audiohead :: underworld interview
i'm happy to know rick and karl are mac geeks

10.3.4's been seeded
sounds mostly like speed improvements


freaking `leet


who you gonna call? patentbusters

c2 :: low carb coke
or as i call it, "new new coke"

jen garner's cia recruitment video
man, she's everywhere now


best. tron costume. ever.
and the guy looks like milton from office space

caltrain looking for a cost effective wifi solution for it's trains

clix :: os x command line trainer [via]

interesting look at how panic tracks bugs


usc student spends $2500 meal plan on winning pepsi/itunes bottles

taking a look at pulpfiction
this may bump netnewswire off my dock


sony's 25gb paper blu-ray discs

smaller screen, larger desktop
this is actually a genius idea

istumbler :: public wifi finder [os x]

britta browses the collective unconscious

the vice guide to canada
includes the best map of canada, ever


s/mime capabilities in pine

fumbling towards bluetooth headphones

if gmail is outlawed, only outlaws will have gmail


the advantage
more ill as hell nes related music

is the bbc going mp3?

cure :: cosplay community site [via]

ljbook :: turn your blog into a pdf book


rick james meets the family circus


n-gage 2 photos leaked
now without sidetalkin'

clearing up os x's trojan horse
people have been pretty alarmist about it

social distortion's original front man a tv reporter


os x's first trojan horse
i'll quit saying "my os doesn't have viruses"

macintosh almost named "bicycle"


using digital signatures and encryption in


how to make your own pruno
just like in prison!

bansky's "the drinker" sculpture kidnapped!

aol's internal virus
sent out by a disgruntled employee


ds :: double helix hit points

danny o'brien announced as layerone keynote

oc second most wired region in the us

boingboing's explosive growth
bandwidth costs are murdering them


a replica of kaneda's bike from akira
i want this bike, so very badly

jones chocolate fudge soda
this'll hopefully be better than their turkey soda


best. light fixture. ever.


go home productions :: rapture riders [mp3]
blondie vs. the doors [os x]
self-contained gimp. x11 required.

cars :: jobs drunk on power, liquor

adding adsense to your rss feed


junkyard wars :: the great race
now accepting applications

pixen :: pixel editor [os x]

the passion of the christ :: blooper reel

waxy's best of april fool's day 2k4

kinja goes beta

gmail :: google does webmail

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