fresh fruit for rotting vegetables


location based ichat status

the james brown mugshot icon [os x]

the tom green theory

best. personal. ad. ever.

wardriving/chalking illegal in singapore

periodic table of condiment shelf life

nifty rss/tivo hack


deconstructing kelis' "milkshake"

poisoned :: free os x p2p client
uses the gift daemon

stopdesign :: the ripple effect

livejournal stencil art community

meek - remote control | detailed view


apple to support ibook repairs
they'll cover logic board problems for 3 years

cia bot :: rss feeds for cvs commits
an interesting way to track open source projects

liberache :: a revoloution in rhinestones

os x + wine = darwine

etech :: the alternate schedule


make your g5 a pc
inside, i'm crying

jerry for ohio
he'd get the transexual-racist-midget vote

chuck palahniuk's "guts" [mp3]
[this might be offensive]

dio for america
*shrug* everyone else is linking it...


email virus alert :: novarg
look out, win32 kiddies

social networking overdose totality

mmm... newcastle ice cream


gregory han has a line on japanese sweets

cambodian wifi moto express

odd but funny interview with the guy who made windows solitaire


please yield seat to men with erections

best of cnn typepad gallery


roy disney takes his fight to the net

atom enabled

popdork :: subpop's pitchfork parody
snap, yo!

andy gives us a sneak peek at waxy 2.0

macintosh heaven

move over steve ballmer, it's howard dean
this is going to be the next "developers"...


omniweb 5 looks droolworthy

aura :: p2p reputation system


mmm... technorati beta
i can egosurf faster than before


decendents online

suicide girls interview with karl hyde

the irc bible

the 6 mix with karl hyde


skroo's casemod'ing a sgi indy


a list apart :: the perfect 404

nelson on buying mp3's via bleep

profiling at the apple store

when you've gotta go...


the church of burgertime

spam as art


genki gang :: custom hats

kroq :: an oral history
badly ocr'ed but entertaining

diesel sweeties goes mobile

coolest. ps2. controller. ever.

add your own :: los angeles
take that, zagat!

punk rock karaoke

ms. fits :: all girl misfits cover band

trader joe's :: two buck chuck


pixies and radiohead to perform at coachella

star wars :: party jam

bob mould has a weblog


diy moonshine [pdf]
it's the new microbrewing

nicecast :: mp3 streaming software [os x]

rockstar offers original "grand theft auto" as a free download


affleck's stupid motorcycle
i think tommee's stalking ben affleck

skinhead family tree

dirty :: abandoned


stephen hawking :: the action figure

music that matters :: underworld
an exceptional dissection of their back catalog




the racist alcoholic genius of von dutch

ipod mini parody commercial

screw the ipod mini, the emp-z is the shit

tokyo at night

old warez :: microsoft bob


winexpose :: expose comes to win32

cali based hacker zine blacklisted!411 is back

37signals :: basecamp pr0n


xpad is like a wet dream come true [os x]

what is mac os x?
a hacker friendly intro to os x

nbor, segway of the computer world?

how to :: get soulseek running on os x

llamo accepts 6 month house arrest plea bargin


i'm not sure i like the "new" 1984 ad
she's got an ipod on, clever... or not

share your opml


i know i've seen this site somewhere before
oh wait, that's right...

my girlfriend the t-shirt model
she's the one without the beard...

screw atari, degenatron was the shit

volkswagen's "concept t"
i'm not sure if this is "cool" or "scary"

vivisimo :: clustering search engine

hey, it's time for the 2004 bloggies!
gomi could always be nominated for something like the "best kept secret" weblog *wink*

bittorrent as a poor man's tivo
scott takes my idea one step further


congrats derek and heather


what would uncle jesse do?

as of january 1st it's illegal to use a laptop in the front passenger seat of a car in california

indie 103.1 playlist [via]

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