fresh fruit for rotting vegetables


roy disney resigns, slams eisner

metroid x

google answers: what is the matrix?


cringely speculates tablet macs

rejection rejection letter [via]


os x dhcp vulnerability

chemical bros. "the golden path" [mov]


mark cuban is my hero

good eats fan page

pam anderson a sunday school teacher

peer to peer protocol simulator


strangers sharing a listen on their ipods

hacker positive la times piece
l/p: losangelesriot/lariot [via]

codefellas :: being the mob's tech guy



sprint to debut true sms service?

wipeout zone


practical css advice

2 stroke buzz :: scooter blog

cartoon research

70's japanese superheroes/monsters

man, new york has internet payphones

web smart color wheel

i'd support the boob job tax


handy... aim now does message routing


how to not get fired over your blog
biz stone is the new jack saturn

look out gizmodo, it's operation gadget!

okay, soda has gone too far


sprintpcs redesigns with xhtml/css

look ma, fleshbot took my submission!

ditch the triple dub

office 2k3 xml schemas

best. cellphone. ever.

weight watchers recipe cards circa 1974


wmap :: web site mapper

shoutcast over sprintpcs

why tables for layout is stupid

textextras [os x]

sms pick up lines contest


the matrix goes ascii

the real casa bonita
as seen on south park!

unofficial cobalt qube/raq support


cthulhu case mod

fcc spectrum expansion press release [pdf]

fcc expands 5 gig unlicensed spectrum

xscope design tool suite [os x]

mmm... digital video turntable

visibone web font survey

alfred hitchcock cameo guide

link to the middle of real streams

paris hilton sex tape :: the transcript


best. flashmob. ever.

blogger :: avoiding the "mom scenario"

fly the friendly skies with... ted?

defcon 213 group

apps that daap

lj now offers audio posting


hacking the ritz dakota digital

installing nicotine under os x

nicotine :: open source soulseek client

get your white hot bluetooth `sploits here

growing up tivo


sealab 2020 :: the game

back and to the left makes me miss ebn

descendents "cool to be you" [mp3]

show and tell :: thrift store record gallery

ms. pinky :: mp3 meets turntable

the rise of the mp3j
sorry kids, vinyl is still cooler

bender goes to las vegas

slackintosh :: slackware for your mac

dude, they are japanese schoolgirls afterall

heroes still makes me laugh

y'know what 70 pairs of shoes need? butter.

mmm... profont

fleshbot fills some of the gap left by that amazonian mynx the reverse cowgirl [nsfw]


backyard nascar


darkguest :: online party invites

roy orbison in clingfilm

weber_cam :: a food blog

bringing the rock... in ascii


i hate you cowboy rick

it's like american idol meets porn

photos with on the fly rounded corners

bad photoshopping in maxim

bad habit instructional poster

wired has a peek at wallop

that's the last time i trust the ny post


why love is blind

the matrix :: reheated

panther/linux nfs locking kernel patch

wow, an online dollar bin

chicago critics protest mpaa screener ban


simplified ie 5/5.5/6 setup

the new nickel would be far more correct if it read "we stole your land"

run ie 5, 5.5 and 6 all on one box

mcd's to give away a billion itunes songs

describing and retrieving photos using rdf


napster to go free for college students

palahniuk on kcrw's bookworm november 6th

plugging the rss usability hole

playstation pocket pr0n

15 logo design trends

knifehandchop hurts my head in a good way

dramarama "california uber alles"


link-fu :: battle of the bizarro urls

trojan games :: dude, seriously... wtf? [nsfw]

console rpg cliches

strong bad halloween costume commentary

da funk and da noise :: ps noise reduction

windows to finally get a decent shell?

google to index irc next?

ghost in the shell :: innocence

dear jesus. someone has grown tomacco!

bruce sterling's wired blog

joi's sporting a clean new look


silverlake party guide

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