fresh fruit for rotting vegetables


ambient sound via shared mouse clicks

cory's pissed at ical

so, who can get me an invite into wallop?


type design basics

aluminum g4 cube case replacement


screw css, tables is where it's at

underworld print


mac os to lose georgia and verdana?

i moved angry monkey into new digs today

homestar runner pumpkin stencils

it's a trap!

zeldman's "coding for easier redesigns"


free software based tb-303 emulator

leo is rebuilding dial-a-song in linux for tmbg

quick change proxies via the system tray

t-mobile start their weekends on thursday night


note to self: try fluxbox on linux desktop box



mmm... guinness stout ginger cake

one-man version of the star wars trilogy


ms reinvents xul and calls it xaml

show off your body like it's 1911


church sign generator

carnival strippers [nsfw]

how evil is your site?

silc :: secure internet live conferencing

gutter punk is in again [nyt login req.]

japanese schoolgirl re: age limits on dating sites

nokia 7600 :: i'd leave sprint for this phone


little sound dj wiki

nerdtracker ii :: dos based nes tracker

it's okay, malcom mclaren says glitchpunk is cool now...

japan has their own blogging magazine


are cabbies taking advantage of the mta strike?

porn karaoke takes germany by storm

creative commons "copy me/remix me" cd

all glory to the hypnotoad!

judge throws out eminem case; raps decision

sidetrack :: give your trackpad a mouse wheel

david cross on being a human ginuea pig

britta's lessig/rosen debate coverage

*drool* g4 ibook

getfree :: fetch/install free win32 software script


help make phoenity firebird 0.7 compliant
[i'm climbing up the walls without phoenity lite]

a list apart is back and looking sexy

the resturant underground [l/p: guerrillanews]

matt carter cleans up the ny times

mcsweeny's new food reviews


rss weather :: local weather via rss

stencil revolution

sticker nation

flash based ball bearing pinball game

this email will self-destruct in five seconds

whit diffie has ntag technique

file systems have parity, why can't archives?


all your favorite state skits in one place


handbrake :: gpl dvd to mpeg-4 converter

the internet's threat model is wrong

teen girl squad :: the winamp skin


pixies and pizzicato five now available on the itunes music store

useless mac software


mta-gossip message boards

winamp 5 will pave the way for winamp pro

hungout :: hand printed, numbered t-shirts

winamp 5 has made it out of alpha

how pepsi might make the itunes generation

outport :: outlook generic export tool

itunes music store link maker

info on winfs, ms's next gen filesystem

grocer gals :: la based personal grocery service


how to make a grilled cheese sammich

kids talk shit on classic video games

panty raid & panty raid 2 mix sets

kid606 - the illness [mov]

kid606 - sometimes [.mov]

what the font - font recognition web app

more detailed account of itunes win32 launch

live apple music event coverage


threadless shirt design competition

techtv is scheduled to violate the dmca this sunday

dave shea's notes on the mozilla redesign

paperspecs :: online swatchbook

dyne:bolic :: bootable linux multimedia studio

oh wow, margaret cho has a blog

music for arcades

partnering with gizmodo makes wired hip?

geekiest personal ad ever

mozilla project bittorrents

thunderbird 0.3 installer [mirror]

firebird 0.7 installer [mirror]


martha stewart does duct tape wallets

step by step css float tutorials

grouphug :: an open confessional


ten eleven things i dig about panther

link markers using css 3

why yes, this is the camaro from "better off dead"

your city, brought to you by nike

sam brown's "stupid dreams"

dead kennedys cover artist winston smith

copy protection in error correction

wireless underwear

i lust after the directors label dvds


homestar rpg for the atari 2600

hard drives as buddhist prayer wheels


ikea vs. jesus

open source windows pdf printer driver


free hosting for a tattoo


how to road trip

hst on rush limbaugh

itunes for win32 to launch next thursday

diy segway


wasted - waste server for linux



the japanese do everything to the extreme

it's like a super soaker filled with pepper spray


stencil instructions

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